Thursday, April 26, 2007

2nd today: Mental Mishap Murders Marked Man

(Catchy title, huh? Think it's New York Post worthy?)
More proof that thinking is a lost art, courtesy of the Scranton Times-Tribune.
Suspect: I didn’t think plot to kill would lead to death
A local woman admitted to police that she never thought a plan concocted to kill her husband actually would lead to his death, according to testimony at a preliminary hearing Wednesday.
Patricia Luyster, 37, and her daughter, Clarissa, 17, are charged with criminal homicide and conspiracy to commit murder for the death of Ronald Luyster, 41, Mrs. Luyster’s husband and Clarissa’s father.
Cody Steich, 18, is charged with shooting Mr. Luyster once in the chest on April 14... where Mrs. Luyster and Ms. Luyster live.
Trooper Patrick Zirpoli, a criminal investigator, interrogated Mrs. Luyster. He read from her statement that she talked about killing her husband with Mr. Steich and her daughter for two weeks prior to his death. She knew Mr. Steich had a gun, “but didn’t think he’d do anything.”

Well, huh-huh-hh, mmm, gwarsh golly-gee! Muh teeny weeny brain din't figger that one out! Gee. I wanted to kill him, but I didn't want him to actually die!

A mind is a terrible thing to waste. And it must be stopped, before I kill someone. ...Else...

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lindart said...

Ronnie was my cousin. Because of this shit for brain dead wife of his who not only orchestrated my cousins death, ruined countless other lives around her, an 18 year old with his whole life in front of him, those children without their father, ronnie's mom - my aunt - has suffered more losses in her life than most people will in 10 lifetimes. I hope every day for her continues to be the nightmare she created for herself and I know she will never get what she deserves out of what she has done.