Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Windy wisdom

Somebody please try and explain to me what this woman is saying, because I heard it on the news, read it on the internet, and it still makes absolutely no sense to me.
WNEP-16 is running a story on a local power company pursuing an interest into placing a wind farm in a rural area community.
An energy company is considering putting up windmills in Wyoming County.
A meeting is scheduled for Tuesday night about it and a lot of people have a lot of questions.
BP Alternative Energy is considering putting a wind farm in the Noxen area.
"Windmills are the future otherwise we're going to drain our earth," said Cathie Pauley of Noxen but she doesn't know if she wants a wind farm there.
But there are still many questions.
"How are they getting the powers from here to where they're shipping it? We're not getting it. Are they putting it in boxes and shipping it UPS or are they building towers going down our mountains?" Pauley asked.
"Educate me. Prove to me this is going to be a good idea, you've got me. Prove to me that you're going to damage our environment, our view the only thing you have and intrude on people's property, you've got an enemy," Pauley added with a laugh.

OK, what do you want? To hear how it's a good idea, or how it will (not may) damage the environment? Yes, please educate me, enemy! At least ship me some energy in a box via UPS, or build me a tower down my mountain so I can get some energy.

How this is written is EXACTLY how she spoke it. No voice inflection, no pauses, no emphasis...

Methinks maybe BP Energy ought to harvest your head, because it appears to be an awful lot of breeze in your brain.

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Kris said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OMG did I ever need a good laugh today. A similar thing happened when a UK power company was putting up windfarms (not BP) where we lived in Scotland. It appeared as if no one took into account ice build up on the blades in winter and HUGE ice chunks were being thrown off into farmers fields...sometime flattening the cows. No Joke! It was all about "Save the Cows!" and how the power company was out to get them. Hehe.